Piercing the Illusion deals with the whys and wherefores of the dwindling of American Individual Liberties. It sets straight the widespread misconceptions of what Freedom really is. It leads readers through American history, revealing facts that are not taught in the established version of history to which our children are subjected. It exposes beyond a shadow of a doubt how Americans have been enslaved and don’t even realize it. It names the individuals and presents irrefutable evidence of their treasonous acts. It reveals how America is 180 degrees from the purpose of its founding. It pierces the illusion:

  • that America is still the Land of the Free
  • that governments, both federal and state, are acting in the best interest of American citizens
  • that the federal and state courts are applying the law as written
  • that citizens are bound by court decisions that are clearly in opposition of natural rights
  • that legislatures can enact laws making the violation of edict from the government a crime
  • that citizens can be subjected to government licensing
  • that citizens are subject to zoning laws
  • that the federal government is obeying the monetary policies set forth in the United States Constitution
  • that the Federal Reserve system is a lawful government function
  • that paper notes are dollars
  • that the present legal tender currency is lawful money
  • that American citizens are subject to Social Security, and required to have a Social Security Number
  • that American citizens are subject to an “income” tax on their wages, and other domestic income
  • that federal law is superior to state law
  • that the federal and state governments have authority to protect and control every phase of American life

Yes, Piercing the Illusion reveals that government in the United States does not reflect the vision of the Founding Fathers. Their vision of government was truly revolutionary to the world, for it restricted government to only the protection of life and property, which Kotmair points out in no uncertain terms.

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