The income tax can be a confusing topic. Made intensionally obscure by our government with understanding obfuscated by a host of well meaning but semi informed citizens, there is more bad information floating around than useful information.

As documented by Larry Becraft, a prominent Constitutional attorney in this area, he notes at TruthAttack that a tax on 'Income' is a tax on gains and profits. If you live and work in the states of the union, your wages and salaries do not constitute 'income' because the Supreme Court interpreted this term of art as meaning just that. Read the facts.

In all debates on this subject, we owe a debt of gratitude to John Kotmair who is now officially and illegally gagged by your government but he taught us that we must first find it in the law before proceding with any argument.

What follows in this section is information and reference to this subject. It is not exhaustive and will often lead to other sources. We hope you can profit from this.

The content of the video and book published by the Fellowship cannot be discussed by employees of the Fellowship including the author John Kotmair due to a court injunction imposed without virtual of any evidenciary hearing. The First Amendment is effectively dead. Read that injuction in it's entirety.