While this could be a very profound question, the simple answer in this case is that the Piercing the Illusion website is owned and operated by Michael Nixson who operates a video and web services business under the name of Talos4 Enterprises.  Mr. Nixson has been a libertarian since before the Libertarian Party existed and has been active in local, state and national libertarian politics since the 1990's.

If there is one thing holding back the reestablishment of freedom in the United States (if you haven't looked lately, you are no longer free), it is the inability of people to look beyond their narrow tribalistic views and affiliations to understand the greater goal of establishing communities where cooperation replaces coersion and understanding replaces intolerance.  Every group I know from libertarians, patriots of various types, Christians, Democrats and Republicans display a shocking lack of skepticism when a member of their tribe commits an act that they would condemn when committed by a member of another tribe.  It is time to end the tribal paradigm and embrace a different point of view.  You are not members of your particular group.  You are members of the human race.  Start acting like it!

We have and will continue to work with a wide variety of people who's objective is the reestablishment of the American Republic.  This site is dedicated to that purpose and to pierce the illusion that most of what you believe about your government and even your society is false.  It is time for America to wake up before it is too late.

As Franklin so aptly said of another time, "we had better hang together or we shall surely hang separately."

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